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Homemade Chicken Stock

Last week, for the first time ever, I made chicken stock from scratch. It was Extremely easy and the ingredients were already purchased for other meals that week. First I saved all the veggie scraps I could in a gallon... Continue Reading →


Cookies for Thanksgiving? – updated – AGAIN!!!

Last night I baked up 2 of my 3 refrigerated cookie dough balls and they also did not turn out how I hoped! What the heck is happening? The dough was still very sticky compared to most years when it... Continue Reading →

French Silk Pie

I love desserts.  They are fun to make, the whole house smells lovely when you bake, and everyone enjoys the sweets while you get the glory.  Even thought I sometimes have selfish reasons for making yummy sweet treats they always... Continue Reading →

Quiche on Quiching On

I love quiche however, I often forgot how much I truly enjoyed it until I made it for a family holiday in the Spring that I remembered my absolute love of quiche.  At that time I found out this Amazing... Continue Reading →

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