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Some Photos of My Holidays!

Before Leaving for Rockford I was able to get together with my wonderful Magical friends and have dinner. For Christmas I went to my Mom's as I wrote earlier.  We went to visit my Nana on Christmas Eve, I made... Continue Reading →


It’s Fall Y’all!!

Okay, so it's been Fall for a little while now in my mind but today being October 9th makes it 100% officially for everyone!  For me Summer flew by and I was glad to see it go. I hate being... Continue Reading →

Moving Day aka Happy Birthday to ME!

Out of the last 5 of my birthdays I have had to move for 3 of them. In Madison, moving out day tends to be August 14th and Moving in day is the 15th. This is year moving out was... Continue Reading →

List of Carrie’s Favorite Christmas Movies and TV Shows

Favorite holiday movies: Die Hard Muppet's Christmas Carol The Santa Clause   White Christmas Elf A Charlie Brown Christmas   Favorite holiday TV Shows (Mostly shows that have holiday episodes ): Bob's Burgers Doctor Who   Friends The Office

Roommate Bonding a.k.a More Forced Friendship Activities

In less than a month I will be moving to my new apartment and am pretty excited about it.  I have lived at the apartment I am at now for 2 years and have really loved it. It is an... Continue Reading →

A Life With Minimal Human Contact

I have always been an introverted person. I only have a handful of friends and would rather spend my time hanging out with 2 people and a dog for 24 straight hours than 2 minutes with 24 people I know.... Continue Reading →

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