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Some Photos of My Holidays!

Before Leaving for Rockford I was able to get together with my wonderful Magical friends and have dinner. For Christmas I went to my Mom's as I wrote earlier.  We went to visit my Nana on Christmas Eve, I made... Continue Reading →


Yuletide Greetings!

I know it's basically been a month since my last post...I'm terrible at keeping up with the blog while chaos surrounds me Haha!!  But now that I'm here lets talk about the holidays that are less than 10 days away!!!... Continue Reading →

List of Carrie’s Favorite Christmas Movies and TV Shows

Favorite holiday movies: Die Hard Muppet's Christmas Carol The Santa Clause   White Christmas Elf A Charlie Brown Christmas   Favorite holiday TV Shows (Mostly shows that have holiday episodes ): Bob's Burgers Doctor Who   Friends The Office

Buying All the Gifts

I love giving gifts.  I have a crazy strong need to give people gifts.  I love finding something that I know the person will love and then giving them that thing and seeing how excited they get.  I also tend... Continue Reading →

Christmas is on the way!

As most people know Christmas is only a couple weeks away.  I know this more and more by the amount of gifts I have yet to buy and things I need to do.  I have been planning on making christmas... Continue Reading →

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