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The S.O. is Making Dinner! This is not a drill! UPDATED

Last night we talked about how I make dinner every night and how I don't always enjoy it.  In that discussion he volunteered (I am being 100% serious) to make dinner tonight while I direct him on what to do.... Continue Reading →


Some Photos of My Holidays!

Before Leaving for Rockford I was able to get together with my wonderful Magical friends and have dinner. For Christmas I went to my Mom's as I wrote earlier.  We went to visit my Nana on Christmas Eve, I made... Continue Reading →

Starting the New Year right!

My mother and I are doing a January challenge.  She posted this link on her Facebook right before January and asked if anyone wanted to join her.  I immediately said yes! So far I have gotten 15+ items to be... Continue Reading →

Nana’s Spanish rice

My Nana has always made a dish called Spanish Rice. It is not at all like actual Spanish Rice but it holds a happy place in my heart that nothing else can fill.  I made it the other day and... Continue Reading →

Yuletide Greetings!

I know it's basically been a month since my last post...I'm terrible at keeping up with the blog while chaos surrounds me Haha!!  But now that I'm here lets talk about the holidays that are less than 10 days away!!!... Continue Reading →

Cookies for Thanksgiving? – updated – AGAIN!!!

Last night I baked up 2 of my 3 refrigerated cookie dough balls and they also did not turn out how I hoped! What the heck is happening? The dough was still very sticky compared to most years when it... Continue Reading →

Well, the Rolls Weren’t Rolling Like We Wanted

I attempted to make the Smitten Kitchen Parker House Pretzel rolls yesterday (find the recipe here: and they turned out alright but I am going to make another attempt this weekend try to improve on my mistakes. The first thing... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Plans!

The past couple years I have hosted Thanksgiving at my apartments and this year we are following the same tradition. Now that I have an apartment to myself (excluding the S.O.) I have found it easier to host parties and... Continue Reading →

I Think It’s All Better

So I think that I have fixed all the image problems on the blog and worked out all the mess that I created.  If anyone sees anything real fucked up please let me know. Posts to Come: Thanksgiving Plans/Cooking Holiday... Continue Reading →

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