Hello again world! I’ve been gone for 2 months and a few things have happened. I’ve joined a gym, got a new tattoo, am trying to work on my health and wellness more, and have made numerous new recipes!!  I have never been very committed to this blog because I don’t really know if it’s worth anyone’s time.  However, I am make new goals for myself!  As of now my summer goals are to be more focused on self care, try to post more on here more so as a journal than a blog, be more conscious of how I live my life and my happiness, and to do new things once a week.

I know these are strong if not wild goals but I believe in my abilities and willpower!

I can not promise I will post every week or even every month depending on my schedule and such. However, I do promise to keep up with this blog/journal more and not give up on something I really do enjoy.