I have been a nail biter for most of my life. I don’t know how it started or even why I do it most of the time I just do And it sucks! A couple of years ago I was able to kick the habit for a while by getting acrylic nails and then after that by some miracle and a bunch of distractions I stopped for a while. I had pretty nails; I could paint them and point with them and I wasn’t embarrassed by how much I looked like a Hobbit.  Then like all a demon the habit reared its ugly head and I was back chomping at the bit.  The last two years have been a constant struggle to get back to having okay looking nails and to stop this terrible habit.

The question of “How do you stop biting your nails if you have done it all your life?” has finally been answered; Poison!  Well not really poison, but damn it tastes terrible!

Mavala Stop is a nail polish like application you put on your nails or cuticles to stop you from biting your nails or putting your fingers anywhere near your mouth. It is extremely bitter and bad tasting but is supposed to be harmless. You are supposed to apply Mavala Stop every 2 days due to the terrible flavor, bitterness, and as an all over joy extinguisher.

I apply one coat on each nail then let it dry for a minute or two. It is fast drying so you don’t have to wait forever for it to start working. The first time I tried biting my nails after applying it I was shocked by how terrible it tastes and that the gross bitter taste lingers.  Also when I first started using it I found that if I didn’t reapply in 2 days I would start testing my nail to see if they were as gross as the first time I put it on, if they were not I could bite again. Since then I have put it on every three days at the latest. 

One downfall I find with this product, that I did not think at first but may be of value to other, is that because I cook and taste test my food all the time with my fingers. The first time I tasted cake batter off my finger after using Mavala Stop I had that taste in my mouth for 30 minutes and it made everything else I ate taste just as bad.


I highly recommend this product if you bite your nails and can’t seem to break the habit. This is also marketed for kids who suck their thumbs or fingers but I personally don’t think it would be good for kids. They are still developing their taste buds and brains and all that stuff so giving them a strong chemical taste to stop thumb-sucking seems harsh, but that’s just me.

I’m not paid to promote this product! I just think other people who are as stuck in the nail-biting habit might find this product useful.  If you are interested in buying it, I bought my bottle of Mavala Stop through Amazon for $14.50 but it is also sold at a lot of drugstores and you can find a store locator though their website.