I know it’s basically been a month since my last post…I’m terrible at keeping up with the blog while chaos surrounds me Haha!!  But now that I’m here lets talk about the holidays that are less than 10 days away!!!

Now I am not catholic or christian so I do not celebrate christmas as a religious holiday but rather a holiday with many loving, happy, warm memories that brings joy and togetherness.  And I fucking love it!  The holiday season in my mind is filled with beautiful wrapped gifts, the smells of balsam fir in the air, a tree or wreath decorated with ornaments, tinsel, lights, and snow covered scenery.  I especially love all the memories of my mom, brother, and I opening gifts on christmas morning. Now that I’m becoming a legit adult who has a S.O., full time job, and I live in a different state than my family life during the holidays gets a bit complicated.

Holidays with Partners


In the last 2 years or so of having a serious significant other I have found the the holiday times tend to be a bit sad. Last year, we were just becoming serious, we only did a couple of things together for the holidays. He came down to visit post thanksgiving for a family meal with my family. We did something similar for christmas but that time we made him sit in the middle of the floor with all of his presents and open them all in front of us. That was a bit torturous for him but everyone else loved it!!

This year we both work full time and don’t have time to do separate family get togethers for the Yuletide. Which makes me really sad. Now that we are so close and in such a wonderful relationship, not spending the holidays together makes it feel lonely and it is still over a week away. I know we will celebrate our christmas together on New Years Eve but it will still be sad to not be snuggled up with him in front of the tree opening presents. For our New Years mock Christmas we plan on having a fancy homemade dinner of steak and lobster, watching the twilight zone, and opening gifts.

I will admit I have already given him 2 of his gifts but that’s because one was a coat that he needed for the cold weather here. The other was because i am weak and loving giving gifts so I’m actually proud of myself for keeping my cool for a week before breaking.

Holidays with Family


This year I requested the Thursday through Monday off so I could spend extra time with my family. I haven’t been able to spend a whole lot of time in Rockford with my family due to work. So I’m pretty darn excited to be able to spend around 5 days there. as of now I only have 2 set plans for my time there. On the 23rd I made plans to hang out with my brother and to help him finish up his Christmas shopping. Of course for Christmas  I will be hanging out with my family opening gifts in the morning then going to see a movie in the afternoon. I think this year we are still deciding on the movie but most likely it will be the new Star Wars movie.  I am also hoping to go to the winery near rockford while i an home and to visit with my Nana.

Holidays with Friends


I don’t have many plans made with friends for the holidays yet. As of now here are all the plans I know: I am hanging out with my friend Ali tomorrow night before she leaves for Honduras for a while. We will make dinner and watch Netflix most likely. On Wednesday I am meeting up with my old coworkers from A Woman’s Touch for dinner, drinks, and reconnecting. And lastly I will more likely than not meet up with my best friend Carolyn and her boyfriend Carl while in Rockford for a couple of drinks.  I know we are all supposed to get together in mid January  for another dinner like we did for Thanksgiving (dinner, bar, and board games.)


I will try to make a few more posts before Christmas and the New Years but no guarantees with all the things going on.