Last night I baked up 2 of my 3 refrigerated cookie dough balls and they also did not turn out how I hoped! What the heck is happening? The dough was still very sticky compared to most years when it is 100% firm and hard to re-roll out. I also noticed that the bottoms of the cookies were sticking to my cooling rack. Since I have 1 ball of cookie dough left in the fridge I am going to bake that up tonight and see if I can change my technique.  If I still have the energy after that I am going to attempt to make a second batch of cookies to refrigerate and cook tonight as well.

How I plan on improving my cookies:

  1.  Make sure my dough is the perfect consistency in the mixer before going in the fridge.
  2. Buy a second cookie sheet so one is cooling while the other is hot.
  3. Store the cookies right away compared to leaving them out to cool all night.
  4. don’t fuck shit up!

I will attempt to post my results later tonight as how things went and how far i got in the process.


I made the second double batch of dough this morning and it seemed to bee the perfect consistency when I cling wrapped it and put it in the fridge. When I got home from work I preheated my oven and took out my dough.  It seems to be like I remember, very firm and needs some room temperature time to be able to be rolled. Let’s hope they work out


Here are some pictures of the final perfect product! The second batch of these cookies turned out perfectly and everyone seemed to enjoy them 🙂