I attempted to make the Smitten Kitchen Parker House Pretzel rolls yesterday (find the recipe here: https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/11/pretzel-parker-house-rolls/) and they turned out alright but I am going to make another attempt this weekend try to improve on my mistakes.

The first thing that I think I messed up was the pan size I used for the amount of rolls I made. Since I doubled the recipe I  thought that the 9×13 pan would have been sufficient however I think I should have opted for either making smaller rolls or doing some in my 9×13 and some in my 8×8. The pan needed up being very over crowded and the rolls ended up forming 1 massive roll you have to cut compared to pull apart.

The second thing I would work on is either skipping the pretzeling aspect of the rolls or making sure I do everything very scientifically. I didn’t have a basting trust so i ended up having to slowly ladle the baking soda mixture onto the rolls which formed and okay crust on the top but a terrible tasting bottom crust. I also forgot to mark the rolls with X’s until a couple of minutes in the oven and that didn’t turn out to well either.

Overall making the dough was extremely easy and I enjoyed the flavor, richness, and soft texture of these rolls and will update this post once I make the perfect thanksgiving rolls!