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November 2016

Cookies for Thanksgiving? – updated – AGAIN!!!

Last night I baked up 2 of my 3 refrigerated cookie dough balls and they also did not turn out how I hoped! What the heck is happening? The dough was still very sticky compared to most years when it... Continue Reading →


Well, the Rolls Weren’t Rolling Like We Wanted

I attempted to make the Smitten Kitchen Parker House Pretzel rolls yesterday (find the recipe here: and they turned out alright but I am going to make another attempt this weekend try to improve on my mistakes. The first thing... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Plans!

The past couple years I have hosted Thanksgiving at my apartments and this year we are following the same tradition. Now that I have an apartment to myself (excluding the S.O.) I have found it easier to host parties and... Continue Reading →

I Think It’s All Better

So I think that I have fixed all the image problems on the blog and worked out all the mess that I created.  If anyone sees anything real fucked up please let me know. Posts to Come: Thanksgiving Plans/Cooking Holiday... Continue Reading →

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