Dear Loud Upstairs Neighbors,
I am so glad you are having a good time! I love Thursdays as well, so I ABSOLUTELY understand the need to party before the weekend is even here. Hearing you “WOOOOO!!” at the top of your lungs throughout my entire apartment has been a blast, I am also really enjoying your loud clompy shoes and the terrible music you listen to.
I have noticed A LOT of loud noises, as if someone dropped a bowling ball from the ceiling or as if someone was pushed down a flight of stairs while yelling “YEAHHHH!!” I was feeling a bit concerned about you and your friends but seeing as I heard you all shuffle down the stairs like a pack of pachyderms, I am assuming you are all going out on the town for some shenanigans. Have fun!! Here’s to hoping you are staying somewhere else tonight and don’t come back at 2 in the morning to wake me up with more clomping and ‘WOOOOOOs’.
So Freaking Much Love,