Okay, so it’s been Fall for a little while now in my mind but today being October 9th makes it 100% officially for everyone!  For me Summer flew by and I was glad to see it go. I hate being hot (I have an abnormally warm body temperature to begin with so summer kills me), more school kids are running around all willy nilly due to Summer break, and I still have the mentality that I should be on break due to a million years of schooling telling me summer means vacation and FUN FUN FUN! Overall I find Summer to be misleading and would rather have a season like Fall 24/7. I mean look at this fucking Fall foliage! Just Majestic!!

Luckily, now that Fall is here I am feeling more comfortable and honestly a bit at peace. I feel at home and settled once the air start to get crisp and the nights get cold. I love sleeping with the weight of heavy blankets on my chest as I have the window cracked a bit to bring that cold air in my lungs. As the leaves change from green to yellows, oranges, and reds; and when they start to fill the sidewalks with crunchy crispy noises as you walk I can feel my stress lessening and my smile growing throughout the season.

So Fucking Majestic!!!


Another reason to love the season has to do with my favorite holiday, Halloween.  I am obsessed with all things Halloween-y and if I could, I would leave my decorations up all year-long. I am not a fan of gore or horror things so I don’t fall into the bloody, messy, gross Halloween category. However, I am part of the cute, classic, spooky, witchy group that can’t help but feel magical during this time of year.


Some traditions that I take part in include visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, making Halloween treats, watching halloween movies, going shopping for decorations with my mom, and watching Hocus Pocus while eating Chinese food on Halloween.



My goal is to make at least 3 more posts this month, the first being my all time favorite Halloween movies, the second being my halloween decorations for 2016, and the third being some of my halloween recipes.



Stay tuned for some scary good times!