One of Rockford, Illinois’ hidden treasures is this small ice cream shop located at 2813 Kilburn Avenue. This small business is a walk up only  but does have a small outdoor seating area with coverage. They are only open during the warmer summer months (May-September?) from 11 AM – 9/10 PM. Regretfully they do not have any website, specific Facebook page, or any kind of social media so it is hard to track down when they are officially open, closed, or if their hours change.




The Dari Fair holds the most amazing ice cream in the city and at the most affordable cost. They have a large menu including food, snacks and or course frozen treats. Service is always quick and friendly, even if there is a large line of customers.




Stopping at the Dari Fair has been a staple in my summer plans since high school when my best friend brought me for the first time. Going with my family and friends after dinner or for a mid day treat is always fun and yummy. My usual treat at the Dari Fair is a chocolate vanilla twist cone with sprinkles; it is nostalgic and damn tasty.


Even though the season is over it is always good to keep in mind for next summer where you are going to go to cool off on a hot day!