Out of the last 5 of my birthdays I have had to move for 3 of them. In Madison, moving out day tends to be August 14th and Moving in day is the 15th. This is year moving out was at 8am on the 12th and moving in was at 9am on the 15th.  So I had to technically be all packed on the 11th and be homeless for 3ish days.

Moving out day was extremely stress filled due to 3 things: 1. the trailer we rented was too small so we had to make last-minute plans for storage. 2. the boyfriend gets really grumpy really easily on stressful days so he was a ball of sunshine off the bat which made me 10000 times more stressed, antsy, and panicky. 3. I was going to be stating with the S.O’s family for the 3 days we were to be homeless and this would be the first time meeting them in the 4 years I’ve known my BF.

By the end of the day everything got figured out and the stress levels had decreased, however I was still nervous to be living with his family for 3 days.  It turns out his family was super warm and welcoming, I was bored out of my mind most of the time, and got an ear infection, yeast infection, and my period all at once (Yippie!!) Here are some pictures of my time way up north:

We woke up and 7AM of move in day then drove and hour and a half to start day 2 of moving. Day 2 was so much less stressful than day 1 was. We had lots of help from friends and family, moved in very fast, and started setting things up within 2 hours of bringing everything into the house. And to top it all off my amazing Mom surprised me with flowers, cake, and pizza! One of the funny moments from moving day was that when my brother showed up in the later evening he was wearing the exact same shirt as the S.O. so they took some silly pictures to show how cool and bro like they are (my brother is the guy in the hat.)

I am hoping that we will stay at this apartment for a couple of years then transition into a house but who knows with this crazy economy and ever-changing Madison market. So far the apartment is lovely, we are almost entirely settled, and really enjoy our neighborhood as well as not having roommates!

If anyone has any questions about moving, needs some advice, or would like to share their fun moving experiences please leave a comment.