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September 2016

M00die Foodie// Dari Fair

One of Rockford, Illinois' hidden treasures is this small ice cream shop located at 2813 Kilburn Avenue. This small business is a walk up only  but does have a small outdoor seating area with coverage. They are only open during the... Continue Reading →


Florida 2016

A week after moving into our own place the S.O. and I went on a week's vacation to Florida. I have been visiting florida since I was a wee lass but he had never gone before so we found some... Continue Reading →

Moving Day aka Happy Birthday to ME!

Out of the last 5 of my birthdays I have had to move for 3 of them. In Madison, moving out day tends to be August 14th and Moving in day is the 15th. This is year moving out was... Continue Reading →

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