Everyone has them.  Those times when they feel less than, weak, and all together low. This doesn’t mean we are it just means we feel this way sometimes.  I have noticed that lately I don’t have as much ambition for doing activities I used to love like crafting, reading, and baking.  I am feeling blah.  Like I don’t have any new ideas or that if I do have an idea it won’t be as good once I start whatever it is I am doing.  So I have decided that at least once a week I will be motivated to do my crafts or read or cook or do whatever the fuck makes me happy.  I will take that time for me and make it my own. I will be determined to get back on the path of happiness and it will be glorious.

So if you are in the same pickle as me I urge you to try this with me. In the next 7 days pick at least 1 day where you will do something that makes you happy. That thing can be as small as jamming out to your favorite song on loud, going to your favorite park, or ordering your favorite drink at a coffee shop.  Your thing can be super big too, you can go on a road trip, make a giant meal, or paint something awesome. Whatever it is you do, do it for yourself. Take time for self care and self love.

You are worth it!