Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I love being surrounded by beautiful yummy pastries and working with some pretty awesome people.  However, I do not understand how you can be so terrible to someone who is providing you a delicious amazing pastry made with love. How can you look down on me for working retail?  I’m sorry I do not have anymore Ham and Gruyère Croissants, but there is no reason for your attitude to be so shitty.  And NO I do not hide food from you in the back of the shop so you can’t have it, STOP ASKING! What would possibly be the point of me hiding product in the back of the shop so no one can buy it.  I would be losing a high profit if I just started hiding my food in the back away from you.

I understand that in my past, as a young lass, I may have been an asshole to retail workers at the mall but now that I am a grown woman I am able to realize that the person behind the counter grabbing all your shit for you is a person.  As a human I make mistakes, may be in a grumpy mood sometimes, and sometimes can’t hear you mumble your order over the 6 other people in the store. I understand that you need a croissant right now.  I get that without your cookie and coffee you may kill someone.  I really do! But Do Not tell me to smile or call me hun while trying to order your $30 worth of yummies.

I also do not appreciate all your screaming children! Why are they always touching everything in the store with their grimy sticky baby hands? why are they literally running around a store full of people? Why do they cry every time they don’t get the biggest cinnamon bun on the planet.  I would appreciate if you could control your offspring and make them behave in public like a semi-decent human.

I may have had a grumpy week and this rant is pointless to anyone who has been gifted with a life without working retail but today I vent about stupid people and crying children.