I pay bills, work a full-time job (as well as a couple odd jobs here and there), I clean my room when it needs to be cleaned, I even do laundry once a week. I adult.  But sometimes I don’t want to adult anymore!  I want to not have to work 6 days a week, clean up after other people, and pretend I care about things.  When you are a kid you get to act just like how you feel.  If you are mad, happy, or afraid you show it in your emotions, words, and actions.  Kids throw tantrums when they are upset and cry when they are hurt but adults keep these emotions inside.  I understand that throwing tantrums is childish but why are we not allowed to cry or yell when we are hurt? As adults we are often told to keep our feelings to ourselves so we don’t hurt other people’s. So here I go throwing a tantrum to the internet.

I find that I most often am feeling upset these days by my selfish roommates. Like my old terrible roommates, who blatantly refused to clean up after themselves and told me that they don’t care if someone cleans up after them because it is their lifestyle to be messy (Give me a fucking break!), my new roommates are falling into the same cycle.  Even after numerous attempts to kindly tell them to clean up the kitchen after making dinner or coffee they still don’t. Therefore a couple of weeks ago I made a chore chart thinking that it would help them see that there are things that need to be done around the apartment that they are not going at all. This chart didn’t matter to them. They so far have ignored it completely resulting in me being 100% honest and to the point about their lack of cleanliness. Here are some examples of the messes I have had to deal with so far:

  • Roommate #1 decided rather than taking the recycling container outside she would instead create 3 additional recycling containers so she didn’t have to walk 30 feet to deposit the 1st container. When I told everyone how utterly disrespectful this was to the entire household she was completely silent.
  • Roommate #1 and #2 both share the downstairs bathroom which to my recollection has only been cleaned my myself and roommate #4. When using that bathroom you can visibly see scum in the shower, on the floor, and most disturbingly in the toilet and on the toilet seat because they are filthy.
  • Roommate #1 cooks all the time and instead of cleaning up during your cooking she just leaves it.  She will chop potatoes and leave fallen chunks on the floor and also breaks her pasta over the stove and has pasta pieces all over the counter, stove, and floor as well….who the fuck does that???
  • Roommate #2 decided that she was going to deep clean her boyfriend’s apartment because “he never has time to do it and I have a lot of time right now.” She has LITERALLY never clean anything other than her room at this apartment.
  • Roommate #1 sent a group message to all the other people living here saying “it’s not a big deal but has someone been drinking my milk.” when everyone responded ‘no’ she again stated “well I mean it’s not a big deal I just don’t know where my milk is going.” Obviously it is a big deal if you had to send a FUCKING GROUP MESSAGE!!!

These and many more stupidly ridiculous things have been done and said in this apartment and in only 3 months I will be able to move into an apartment with the love of my life and no longer have to deal with some random roommate.

Here is some advise for college students living with other humans:

  1. Clean up after yourself! I know your mom and dad may have cleaned up for you at home but now it will be up to you to clean the counters and vacuum the floors. Don’t leave this up to someone you are living with.
  2. Talk about dividing responsibilities when you first move in.  Instead of waiting till you notice a roommate being a complete slob you need to address cleanliness the first week of living together. Waiting till you are fed up with they pile of dirty clothes or the fact that they never rise out their toothpaste in the sink will cause you to have thoughts of killing them with their dirty silverware.
  3. Make sure you both pay for cleaning supplies and household needs. If only one person is buying the cleaning supplies/household needs that person may seem obligated to be the person in charge of cleaning.
  4. Dont table your food in the fridge until it’s a final resort. Labeling your food in the fridge (unless you live in a massive household and can’t tell your food apart) is EXTREMELY passive aggressive. All you have to do is keep your food in designated areas in the fridge and if someone is eating your food address it immediately. If you are not going to use all your food offer it to someone else or let them know certain things are up for grabs.

I hope these 4 tips help someone in the future when moving in with other humans.  I seriously with I had this advice 4 years ago….man I have had some shit roommates…UGHH!