Sassy & Spooktacular

All Rolled Into One


May 2016

Living with Love and Chaos

Moving in with a significant other is a major step in a relationship, it brings you closer to someone you love more than anything else. However, in the process of moving in you forget about things that you may lose... Continue Reading →


Being An Afterthought

Last night while sitting on the sofa eating dinner with my S.O. in my living room Roommates Messy and Messier started talking in Messy's bedroom door way (I rarely see them interact so this was a rare happenstance.)  Then both... Continue Reading →

Roommates and How Utterly Gross They Are

I pay bills, work a full-time job (as well as a couple odd jobs here and there), I clean my room when it needs to be cleaned, I even do laundry once a week. I adult.  But sometimes I don't... Continue Reading →

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