I love giving gifts.  I have a crazy strong need to give people gifts.  I love finding something that I know the person will love and then giving them that thing and seeing how excited they get.  I also tend to give the person their gift almost as soon as I buy it, therefore christmas is a hard time of year for me!  However this year I have been super good.

I have 90% of my christmas shopping done except for my S.O. So far I bought him a shirt that he already knows about; and it isn’t because I showed him right away it’s because he was with me when I bought it…so it’s not the same!  Other than that I am slightly stumped at what to get him.  I was thinking an ambient noise sleep machine, some new headphones for working out, or a gift card to his favorite place to eat. But those don’t really seem like great gifts.  I want to find something that he will open,  be super excited about, something that will show that I know him super well and that I tried super hard to get him the perfect gift.

My real issue is that he is not materialistic at all. He barely owns anything and never wants things.  So what do I get him?  I can’t bottle love or brew luck, I’m not at Hogwarts!!

Anyone have any ideas for a guy who never really wants things?Christmas-Gift