As most people know Christmas is only a couple weeks away.  I know this more and more by the amount of gifts I have yet to buy and things I need to do.  I have been planning on making christmas cookies for a week straight and I keep getting distracted by things like work, significant others, family, roommate shit, and so much more.

Therefore I have made a to do list and will try to do blog posts based on some of the things in that list:

  1. Make Christmas cookies (Blog Posted)
  2. Figure out who i still need to get things for (DONE)
  3. Finish up crafts I’m giving for Christmas (DONE)
  4. Finish Christmas shopping (Blog Posted)
  5. Watch Christmas movies/tv shows (Blog Posted)
  6. Plan my trip home (DONE)
  7. Make food for Christmas day/dinner (DONE)

Hopefully this list and the blog posts to follow will be fun things to get me into the spirit of the holiday and help me get my shit together!