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December 2015

List of Carrie’s Favorite Christmas Movies and TV Shows

Favorite holiday movies: Die Hard Muppet's Christmas Carol The Santa Clause   White Christmas Elf A Charlie Brown Christmas   Favorite holiday TV Shows (Mostly shows that have holiday episodes ): Bob's Burgers Doctor Who   Friends The Office


Buying All the Gifts

I love giving gifts.  I have a crazy strong need to give people gifts.  I love finding something that I know the person will love and then giving them that thing and seeing how excited they get.  I also tend... Continue Reading →

Christmas is on the way!

As most people know Christmas is only a couple weeks away.  I know this more and more by the amount of gifts I have yet to buy and things I need to do.  I have been planning on making christmas... Continue Reading →

French Silk Pie

I love desserts.  They are fun to make, the whole house smells lovely when you bake, and everyone enjoys the sweets while you get the glory.  Even thought I sometimes have selfish reasons for making yummy sweet treats they always... Continue Reading →

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