What do you do when someone you love with all of your heart is hurting?  When they can barely function due to heart ache and loss?  How do I help when there is literally nothing I can do?  Telling them ‘I am here if you need me’ or ‘I understand your hurt if you want to talk I am here to listen’ literally does nothing for that person.

I ache knowing he is breaking down.

I hurt knowing I can not hold him and cry with him.

I cry knowing the pain he is enduring and not being able to stop it.

Everyone has gone through loss, hurt, pain, misery during the death of a loved one. Everyone turns into a different person after the person they dearly loved has died. But what do those who care about the person in mourning do?  How do they function knowing the love of their life is hurting so badly they cannot leave their room or eat?

How do I keep my emotions in check and not be hurt by them wanting to be left alone? When you want to be with that person 24/7 and they can barely handle texting does that make me a bad person?  Am I selfish for wanting to comfort them?  I wish I knew.  I wish I could go back in time and tell myself this was going to happen. That I would have more struggles internally trying to help my loved one than I could ever imagine.