I am the first to admit that I am closer to a hermit lifestyle than anything else, so living with roommates for the past 3 years has not been an easy task.  I have liked most of the people I lived with, minus the she devil and the frenchman but that’s another story.  The first year I had roommates I only had 2, then the next 2 years after I had 4 roommates, and at my new place I have 3 roommates. Liking the people who I live with does not tend to be an issue. All the girls I live with now are stellar people who are lovely and nice.  My biggest issues with living with people (other than my family or my sweet sugar baby Henry) tends to be that I have to be social.  I don’t mind saying hello, having short conversations here and there, hanging out, and sometimes going out but my roommates tend to be much more social creatures who want to do things and hang out A LOT!  They tend to keep inviting me to go out and almost every time they ask I say no.  I don’t mean to be such a party pooper and I don’t mean to have it so that we never hang out, but after working 8 hours I do not want to go play quarters or go to the bar or hang out at home even. All I want to do is make dinner, relax, and watch Netflix/read/write blog posts; all of which are individual things.  I actually get told pretty often that they don’t actually know if I’m home or not since my door tends to be shut 85% of the time.


Along with wanting to be alone a lot I am also a very clean person who likes living in a clean environment.  If I see a mess I clean it, if the garbage needs to get taken out I do it, if the dishwasher needs to get loaded/unloaded… you get the point. So living with people who are nowhere near as much of a clean freak as I am or could care less about the messes they may or may not make bugs the crap out of me! Then, since they may or may not care about the messes I care and then get mad that I’m cleaning up messes that aren’t mine.
This year in our new apartment I have decided to not clean up after anyone but myself and resist the urge to be, as my roommates have named me on many occasions, the mom. I guess being called the mom of the apartment isn’t supposed to be terrible but I tend to think of it more in a way that they consider me the person who is going to clean up after them. I refuse to come home from work and clean up messes anymore. It is not my job to be your mom. You probably have a mom, and she would probably slap you if she saw your messes.


Lastly I have noticed that living with other humans who you are not related to, that you tend to deal with weird unexpected things you were not prepared to deal with. Some examples of these things are as follows: heating and cooling expectation differences, amount of time they may want their significant other over compared to how much you think is appropriate, their eating/drinking habits and their cooking styles, the amount of time they need to shower/get ready compared to you, and possibly what smells they like in contrast to what smells you like.

I have always told my best friends (my mom and Buffy) that I could live with them since we have similar likes/dislikes, our cleaning habits aren’t too far off, and they are both people who I can be social with or just hang out in silence doing our own thing.  Living with Buffy probably will never happen, which makes me SUPER sad! But I can totally see my mom living with me and us having a blast!!! That would also help me gain more Awesome Mom stories to share with the world, and who doesn’t love great Mom stories?!?