Since I moved into a new neighborhood in Madison last week I have noticed some vast differences between my old neighborhood and my new one.  The first major thing I noticed was that it is much quieter in my new neighborhood compared to my old one.  For the past 2 year I had been living next to the UW football stadium, Union South, and a bunch of high-rise apartments full of rowdy underclassmen who love to throw parties. I am 1000% happy to be away from all the rowdy partiers and all the glass bottles they throw off their balconies.  However, along with living right next to noisy establishments we also had both the police and fire station one block away on the left and train tracks 3 blocks away on the right. In all honesty I miss the sound of the train throughout the day and I have even found myself missing the sound of all the sirens as well.  Maybe it is the fact that I was so accustomed to hearing them in Rockford all the time and then for the past 3 years living in the same block hearing them night and day was almost a security blanket.  I think that is why I am finding my new place a bit harder to fall asleep in, along with it being 100% new surroundings my normal sleepy time sounds are all different.  At my new place we have more trees, quieter streets and neighbors, less sirens, and we live close to the lake so the noises I end up hearing now tend to be trees rustling in the wind, birds and animals, passerby conversations, and sometimes loud cars on the busy road by the lake.  This is all very lovely, new, and something I am sure I will get used to once I’ve been here for more than a week.

Another thing I have noticed about this new neighborhood is the different kinds of people who inhabit it.  At the old place I was closer to parties, underclassmen, and loud people who yell at all hours of the night.  So far at the new place I am seeing older adults, people with dogs (Which makes my jealousy sky-rocket as well as making want to ask the people walking their dogs where they live and who they rent from, which is frowned upon and sounds realllly creepy…), cute men with beards and jon snow appearances, and people who keep to themselves.  I have not noticed any people yelling for no reason or breaking bottles at 2 in the morning or even those terrible groups of people who take up the entire sidewalk when they walk in herds together forcing everyone else to go around them.  So at the moment I am super happy that our new neighborhood isn’t like that.  However, this could change in the next week since classes start back up in September. Let us hope that is doesn’t change though, being in an adult neighborhood seems really lovely.

Lastly I have seen my neighbors much more often at my new place than I ever saw my neighbors at my old apartment.  We have one apartment directly behind us and one directly in-front of us. I have only talked to a couple of my new neighbors a few times but they seems like nice quiet people who keep to themselves.  I was thinking as a way of getting to know them and somehow becoming best friends with them I would make them treats and give them out while introducing myself.  However, my only issue is that I do not know what to make.   At first I was thinking puppy chow but then I didn’t know how many people lived at each place or how many baggies I should give to each apartment or if I should just give one batch per apartment.  Then I thought a batch of cookies or cupcakes would be good for each apartment but then though about allergies people may or may not have. So now I am stuck and have no idea what I should do.  All I know is that I want to meet these people!!

So if all of you lovely readers could tell me which would be best for a new neighbor gift Cookie, Cupcakes, Puppy Chow, or maybe you have an even better idea you’d love to share!! Once we decide what to make them I will put up a recipe of whatever it is I make 🙂

P.s. This is going to be me once we figure all this shit out ↓↓↓↓↓