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August 2015

Becoming Social in a New Neighborhood

Since I moved into a new neighborhood in Madison last week I have noticed some vast differences between my old neighborhood and my new one.  The first major thing I noticed was that it is much quieter in my new... Continue Reading →


Quiche on Quiching On

I love quiche however, I often forgot how much I truly enjoyed it until I made it for a family holiday in the Spring that I remembered my absolute love of quiche.  At that time I found out this Amazing... Continue Reading →

Always Running Out of Time

As I have said before, I love my job! I love working 5 days a week 8 hours a day!  I love teaching people about sex and pleasure! I even love the trip to and from work. However, I am... Continue Reading →

Starting My New Job and Loving It!

Last week I began a whole new part of my life. I became a full-time employee at A Woman's Touch here in Madison. My official title there is a Pleasure Specialist but for some people I just say I'm a... Continue Reading →

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