I feel like I have always been someone who wakes up early when I don’t want to or don’t need to. If it happens to be a day when I need to be up at 7 to be at work by 8 my body waits till the last-minute to decide it is actually time to start moving.  However, if it’s a Saturday and I have no plans at all my body is up and ready to go at 7 exactly.  WHY!!??!!  This also happens EVERY. Single. Time. I go home to visit my family in Rockford.  I am up at 7 every morning while the rest of them sleep in like normal people till 9.

Things like Christmas or family vacations make it so much worse.  On Christmas you would think I’d want to sleep in a bit then enjoy the festivities.  NO!  I am up as early as 6, giddy to give out my gifts and have Christmas together.  I even get told the night before to sleep in but I just can’t.  As a child I can see how my excitement may have led to me waking up so early but at a 23-years-old I should really get a handle on this.  As for vacations, I am up ready to do fun things bright and early while everyone else gets to enjoy sleeping in and waking up whenever they’d like.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to sleep till 8AM but I can not guarantee that sleeping past 8 can ever happen.

I have found that sometimes on rare occasions when I am up super early (5 or 6) I can lay back down and fall back asleep.  However, the issue with this is that I will fall asleep till 11 or 12 and that’s just excessive. I wish I had a happy medium where I could sleep till 8 or 9 every day but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.  At my new job (THAT IS STARTING ON MONDAY!!!!) I won’t be starting till 11 everyday so i have a feeling that I will be up at 7 or 8 and exhausted by the end of the day.

Let’s hope that I can figure this shit out because I’m tired of being tired by mid-afternoon.  Also does anyone else have this issue?  Or am I all alone in this forced early morning lifestyle?