In less than a month I will be moving to my new apartment and am pretty excited about it.  I have lived at the apartment I am at now for 2 years and have really loved it. It is an old firehouse built in 1904 that was converted into housing. There are 6 apartments in the building total and no, there is no pole in our or any of the apartments to slide down. I really loved living in this apartment due to its uniqueness and its closeness to my school.  However, it is time for a change and some new surroundings especially since the new apartment is a ton closer to my jobs.  Even though I will miss a lot of things about my apartment the one thing I am going to miss most when I move will be hanging out with my roommate Ali (the aforementioned bookworm.) She decided to not move with 3 of us to the new apartment for logical reasons: she is graduating in a semester, moving sucks, and the location of the apartment we are in now is pretty ideal. Anyways we all hate her for not moving with us because we really love her a lot and she is a splendid roommate and even better friend. Ali is such a funny kindhearted person.  She is super smart and no matter what seems to be in a good mood (even when she isn’t.)


So since we knew we wouldn’t be living together and we both wanted fun things to do over the summer Ali and myself have made a summer to do list.  The list consists of trying new restaurants, swimming in the lake, kayaking, going on walks, grilling out, going to concerts etc. so far we have eaten a lot of food and grilled out. This week we planed on going out for lunch and were torn between where we should go.  Our options were numerous but our decision-making was lacking.  We had 3 or 4 places in mind but we ended up narrowing it down to Mickies Dairy Bar.  Mickies is a local diner here in Madison that serves amazing food at spectacular prices. They are mostly known for their breakfast items and shakes however, everything they have is spectacular.  I will be posting a restaurant review of Mickies Dairy Bar this coming week to give you all some details into their menu and their pricing.

Mickie's Dairy Bar

All in all it wouldn’t matter where we go or what we do as long as we do it together. That sounds super cheesy and romantic (I mean we have been going on a lot of dates together lately…) but it is really true! Having these roommate bonding experiences of going out and doing things together has really made our friendship stronger than ever.  I really cherish the times I am able to hang out with Ali. Since both of us have such busy schedules we often miss each other by minutes or are tired from work and stay in our own rooms. When we do end up having similar schedules I really like being able to come home and sit around the kitchen/living room and talk about our days, some funny story we have, or about moving (which seems to be a very popular topic now a days.) I really hope that Ali will be able to hang out with us (all the roommates and I) this coming school semester.  I know she is will be busy finishing up her degree, graduating, and having her significant other come visit her from Honduras but I hope we make time to do friend stuff too.  Laura, one of my other lovely roommates, suggested having a ladies night once a month.  Unlike the same titled event bars and clubs often have where women drink for free or get in with no cover, our event would be where we will all get together and do something fun either at the apartment or out on the town.  This would be a legit way to have forced friendship bonding time and I am more than okay with it! As stated previously I do not have a ton of friends or even a lot of friends or even 10 friends but I am more than okay with that when I can consider someone like Ali a true friend.