I have always been a fan of Florence + the Machines since their debut album Lungs was released in 2009. I have always found that Florence’s voice contains a unique beauty that sinks into your bones with each new listen. Although some people don’t enjoy her voice or the bands sound it gives me a feeling as though I am remembering places I haven’t been yet. I want to dance and yell and cry when I am listening to any of the bands albums. When Lungs came out I immediately bought it and played it on repeat for months. I can remember driving around at night with the windows down and the hot thick summer air on my skin while singing I’m Not Calling You a Liar on the top of my lungs.   An album like Lungs can change your life. It changes the kinds of music you try to find in your future and it shapes the person you become. After their release of Lungs the band put out their album Ceremonials in 2011. Like Lungs the album was unique; filled with beautiful lyrics and memorizing vocals.  Although Ceremonials was received well I felt like it was rushed to be made since the band was so well received with their previous album.  Even though I feel that this album was rushed it still sounds delightful and I often find myself listening to Lungs and Ceremonials on shuffle since the sounds are so similar.

After 4 years of playing festivals and working on a new album, Florence + the Machines released How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful on the 2nd of June 2015 and as per usual I fell in love with it. This album is so different that the first 2 that it makes it sound like a whole other band almost. My mother (whom I have talk about so often) is not a fan of Florence + the Machines but after hearing their new album the first time she asked “who is this? I really like them.”  Of course after I told her who it was she said, “oh no, I don’t like her.”  My mother’s reason for not liking the band is because she heard the band play on SNL (Saturday Night Live) and said they sounded bad.  In my opinion this is a shitty reason to hate on a band but you do you Mom! Anyways, I had been anticipating getting this album after hearing a few of the songs previous to the release date and was addicted immediately.  Once the album dropped I was hooked and have listened to it every week (and sometimes daily) since I got it. So far my favorite songs are Ship to Wreck, Queen of Peace, and Third Eye however, I truly love the entire album and plan on buying it on vinyl (or maybe getting it for my birthday *hint hint*.) The track list is as follows:


1. Ship To Wreck

2. What Kind Of Man

3. How Big How Blue How Beautiful

4. Queen Of Peace

5. Various Storms & Saints

6. Delilah

7. Long & Lost

8. Caught

9. Third Eye

10. St Jude

11. Mother


12. Hiding

13. Make Up Your Mind

14. Which Witch

15. Third Eye (demo)

16. How Big How Blue How Beautiful (demo)

At this point I only have the standard version but am planning on downloading the deluxe songs this weekend when I go back to Rockford. Since I will be getting 5 new songs my favorite songs may change.  Along with he 5 new songs I most likely will listen to the album 5 more times this weekend will change my mind anyways so, who knows?

All in all I give this record a 10/10 and suggest everyone to give it a listen twice at a minimum.  I always suggest listening to something new twice since the first time is a step into the music.  Like dipping your toe in a pool you need to take a dip into the music.  This first listen will be when you can get an idea of the rhythm and get acquainted with the sound of the songs. The second time you listen through an album is when you hear the lyrics in full and understand the composition of the track lay out. If after 2 listens you don’t end up liking it let me know why, I’d love to know people’s reaction to this album or any other music i recommend.