Seeing as many people who read this blog know nothing about me I figured I would divulge some information about myself to let you all get to know me better.  For those of you who do know me already you can skip reading this post because you already know how utterly fantastic and amazing I am (see examples below for reference and memory jogging abilities)

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In all honestly, I don’t know how to talk about myself very well. I do not have many talents and I often make myself sound terrible (i.e. by saying I don’t have many talents, which I don’t). I do not do this on purpose of course, but it just seems to happen when attempting to make friends (see previous post: Life With Minimal Human contact.) In that whole friendship making attempt I often get asked questions like “What do you do?” “Do you have any musical abilities?” “What is something you do for fun?” or “What is your favorite *fill in the blank*?”  My answers to those questions usually go as follows: I work a lot and watch Netflix, No I have no musical talent at all! That went to my brother whom my family decided to give all the instruments when all I wanted was a harmonica (Yeah I’m calling you out MARY!),as for fun I watch Netflix, cook/bake, and I sometimes cross stitch offensive things, and I can never list a single favorite thing to save my life so I always list 3. Other interesting things about myself would be:

  • I am always warmer than everyone around me, therefore I usually hate summers because I’m already hot plus it is hot outside which makes me feel like I could die at any minute from over heating and possibly spontaneous human combustion.
  • Being warmer than everyone else leads to my cheeks always being flushed and bright red. This has gotten easier to live with as I have gotten older but it still annoying.
  • Since I do usually hate summer time my favorite seasons happen to be in this order: Fall, Spring then Summer and Winter are tied.
  • I can not cross my eyes on my own accord, whistle, or hula-hoop.
  • I have 7 tattoos and 6 piercings
  • I am an extremely loyal person to the people who matter to me.  I have been best friends with Buffy since my first time in 4th grade,
  • I was held back one year in 4th grade and it saved my education ( I couldn’t get the hang of cursive or math)
  • I am terrible at all math and science and my family would say that I never improved on handwriting after my first time in 4th grade.
  • I have tried many school sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, tennis, etc) and failed at EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  This is a direct quote from my mom about my sports attempts, “You really sucked at sports and you just kept trying ….. That is a great trait.”  As always, thanks mom!

So those are some interesting facts about myself.  If you have any burning questions about the strange woman who runs this blog feel free to ask.