From Indian Lakes is one of those special bands  that I happened to stumble upon that changes my life profusely with their unique sound and haunting lyrics.
I have not been listening to FIL of very long but I have noticed that since I found the band this past semester I have had some pretty great study music, lovely jams for the bus rides  and travel to and from work, and some excellent music to clean to.  FIL is considered an alternative indie rock band but I find them to be more experimental indie rock than alternative. They were founded in 2009 by Joey Vannucchi and have 3 albums.  Their record label, Triple Crowns Records describes them as a band that “blurs the boundaries of genres like indie, post-rock and alternative.”

I own their album “Absent Sounds” and have heard some of their other songs from their previous albums “The Man With Wooden Legs” and “Able Bodies.”  I can not claim to be an absolutely devoted fan who owns all 3 of their albums but I am in love with “Absent Sound.”  It is a unique sound compared to most of the music out in the world today and the lyrics are very emotional.  The first song I heard from them was “Ghost.”  This video, like all their music videos, is very unique in artistic expression and what they are trying to convey.  I know they video itself may not be for everyone
but I strongly suggest giving the song a listen and seeing how you feel about it.  I cannot pinpoint my favorite song off of this album but I can say that “Am I Alive” and “Runner.”  I would say that I enjoy “Am I Alive” due to the great vocal as well as the marvelous drums.  When listening to that song I feel like closing my eyes, dance around, and singing along as loud as I can. This can be an issue for someone who rides public transportation frequently and does not want to seem crazy. As for “Runner” when I listen to that song I can feel the heartache that was written into the song.  I often imagine my life and people who have come in and out of it. The song brings back strong feelings of loss as well as longing making it a song I have cried to.

I introduced my brother to the band a little bit after I found them and to my surprise he really enjoyed them.  One weekend in April he decided to spend time with his big sis and i offered to take him to go see FIL at a show here in Madison at the Frequency.  To our great surprise and even better luck
he ended up winning tickets to the show so we got to see them for free!!  After seeing them we both were blown away by their talent in person, their musical abilities as a band, and their energy throughout the show.  I will always consider that time with my brother and that show to be one of the greatest nights of my life.