Isn’t it weird that from a young age we idolize being adults?  We imagine the lives we are going to have and the things we are going to do before we even understand the concept of sharing.  As children we look up to our parents and all the adults in our lives wanting to become them and have all the cool awesome responsibilities they have.  We do all of this without knowing the consequences of adulthood or even the heart breaks adulthood can lead to.

This week has been one of those adult moments no one tells you about.  No one tells you that you may absolutely love your job but if that job doesn’t bring home enough bacon you may need to look elsewhere.  No one tells you that You may have to leave a job you love for a job you may love even more. If they did I would not be in the predicament i was in today.  Yesterday I interviewed for a full-time position at A Woman’s Touch, sexuality boutique here in Madison, and I ended up being offered the position a half hour after the job interview.  However the hardest part was today when I had to tell my manager at the library that I was putting in my 2 weeks notice. I am and was heart-broken.  I have worked at the Wisconsin Historical Society for a little over a year now and have loved every single minute of it. I love the people I work with and have come to know.  I love the environment of the library and the duties I do while working there and I especially love working in such a beautiful library. The Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS) is one of the most beautiful buildings in Madison and I think it is the most beautiful building on the UW campus.


WHS has been around since 1846 and has one of the largest collections of American history in the United States.  We are known for our abundant amount of genealogical information and the preservation of many important artifacts such as the rock that was thrown through Daisy Bates’ window.   In the 50’s WHS was renovated to look more modern and redone to look less artsy. However, only 5 years ago the building was redone once again to match the looks of the original society.





Even though I am saddened by leaving one job this does not mean that I am not excited about my new job, because I really really am! As soon as I found out I got the job yesterday when I got off the bus I jumped around on the street and called my mom yelling how excited and happy I was, I even had a mini dance party in my apartment all alone. So I really truly and wholeheartedly am excited about this new job and cannot wait to start on the 27th and meet all the new lovely people there.

However, the library will be missed immensely.  I was told by my supervisor that I would possibly be allowed to be held on as a substitute when people have absences or emergency come up. This would give me random library shifts throughout the year and keep me in touch with the people here and the library itself.  However I am still saddened that I am unable to remain a constant part-time staff member.  Making the choice between a place that I love and a place that I know will benefit me monetarily and emotionally is hard.


Since I do (someday, maybe) want to got to library school it was tough making the choice of leaving my library job as well as not interviewing for another position at the public library. I do know that taking this full-time job will be something that I will love just as much as the library and could someday make it into my career.  I know I will thrive and have an amazing time at my new position but it is difficult letting go of something I have cherished so much this past year.