We often subject ourselves to wearing jeans all year round, being too afraid to show off our legs. We are afraid some leg giggle will be unsightly to the people around us or more often than not we are afraid someone will judge us for being fat. We wear hoodies in sweltering heat because we think somehow that will mask our bigger arms and rounder stomachs. A hoodie will do no such thing, on the contrary hoodies more often than not make people look baggier than they actually are. I wont lie, I do this to myself more often than I would like to admit.  I make myself feel uncomfortable by wearing a cami, a tank top, a cardigan, and a pair of jeans on an 85 degree day.  At first I thought that hiding my body in layers would somehow divert people’s eyes or maybe I thought it would help mask my size.  But in all honesty nothing is going to cover my size.  Wearing layers isn’t some sort of camouflage for fat girls. But what is even worse than layers (in my opinion) is oversized baggy clothes.  I understand if people truly enjoy wearing baggy clothes but I find that women wear baggy clothes to hide who they are.

For girls bigger than size 16 we have fewer clothing options than those between 00-14.  I end up finding the most well-fitting clothes through places like Torrid or Lane Bryant.  However, their prices are outrageously expensive for a person on a budget or with minimal income.  I sometimes get lucky at places like Target, Khol’s, or Old Navy but their sizing always varies and I can never find the cute ‘normal sized’ outfits in my size. I will admit I love shopping and I have an addiction (Are you happy mom?! Does my admitting my addiction make you happy!?!?!) but I try not to shop for clothes unless I am in need of something because my options are shit.  Here are some examples of plus size clothes out right now:

These two tops are from Torrid.com. They both are $44.50 a piece and look like bags.  I mean why would I spend almost $50 on something I could make from an old pillow case at home? (and trust me I have no sewing skills)

Capture5 Capture4

These next three things are from LaneBryant.com. The first shirt is 49.95 and looks like a smock you’d wear for art class in kindergarten.  Next this red tunic is $39.95 and even though it is not as terrible as the shirts from Torrid, it is still an unnecessary amount of bagginess for that beautiful model.  And lastly this horrendous clown like dress, with no shape other than circus tent sold out on the Lane Bryant website! Many of the other dresses similar to this range from $69-$89.

Capture Capture2Capture3

So as you can see the outrageous prices and baggy clothes from the higher end plus size lines are not super flattering.  Even worse than them however is Khol’s.  The plus size section of the Khol’s website is atrocious and should be burned.  Here are some examples.  Terrible patterns, ill-fitting clothes, and patriotic patterns.  It is clear that Khol’s  has only one demographic in mind for their plus sized audience, and that is women over the age of 55.


Regretfully Target was not better.  Their website showed me only 8 plus sized shirts!  All of these shirts are flowy, baggy, and boxy (how convenient.)  As I stated earlier, the prices at Target are much more affordable than Torrid or Lane Bryant and these clothes are even more up to date than Khol’s but I still do not understand why plus sized sections are only allowed to have flowy clothes for fat girls! Can we get something cute and form-fitting once in a while??


I used to think that hiding under layers of oversized clothes would make it so no one would notice my true size but in the end I was hurting myself more than anything else. I was hot, sweating, miserable beyond belief, and I did not feel attractive in the slightest.  I decided to stop putting on a front and being utterly uncomfortable for the benefit of people I didn’t even know. I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in now.  I challenge all the women that wear these clothes to mask their appearance to tell me how much they love wearing layers during every single season.