Well Here goes: I Am A Marathoner And I AM PROUD!  There I said it, and I can not take it back now! In all honestly I have always loved watching TV or going to the movies.  My fondest memories are when my mom would pull me out of school early to go see a movie with her and my brother. I love the experience of being transported into a new world or a new situation through TV and movies. However, I have now turned my past time into a hobby and maybe into an addiction.  I watch TV in my free time, I watch it when I need to take my mind off things, and when I was still in classes I watched TV instead of doing my homework (I am very good at procrastination, ask my mom, or my roommates, or my dog!!)

Anyways, I feel like I am turning into the Portlandia episode where Doug and Claire get sucked into Battlestar Galactica and can’t stop watching it (if you have no clue what I am talking about go here and watch this before reading on. I mean it! Do it now!)  So I haven’t lost my job or gotten a urinary infection from too much TV watching (yet…)  I have however, gotten to the point where I have lied about being able to hang out or what I am doing to watch TV instead. I have even missed meals because I was so enthralled in a TV show.

For example Orange is the New Black Season 3 was released on June 12th and a lot of people marathoned it right away and had it watched within that weekend.  I was watching other things at the time so I figured I would wait till I had a freer Netflix schedule to start season 3. If you are asking “Carrie, what other things could be in the way of watching OitNB?” let me tell you! I had started Xena Warrior Princess in May and was determined to finish all 6 seasons. With only 5 episodes left I though I would be able to finish Xena and then watch OitNB.  Oh Boy, was I dead wrong!

My mom came up to visit last Friday to hang out and go see Mad Max, which by the way was utterly amazing and you should go see it because Charliez Thereon Kicks the Patriarchy’s Ass! So while hanging out one night she suggests watching the new season of OitNB because we both hadn’t seen it yet.  I agreed and figured since I was pretty tired I may just fall asleep watching it and it wouldn’t be a big deal.  We watched episode 1 and then somehow episode 2 played all on its own and I was ready to keep watching the entire season.  However, mom she said she was tired and I decided that bed time was a better idea than staying up till 5 in the morning so I went to bed as well.  That was on Friday. Between Tuesday and Thursday I finished the season. Mostly I watched 6 or 7 episodes on Thursday before work ignoring my need for food.  I immediately regretted that decision when I got to work at 5:30 and my stomach felt like it was cannibalizing itself.

As for this season of OitNB I did not love it as much as Season 1 or 2.  I really think there should be more background on the inmates whom we have seen through all three seasons.  We should get Piper out of there and let people like Red, Flacka, Maritza, Soso, and Watson shine.  We are only given a glimpse into their lives and I feel like we should be given more seeing as we know SO MUCH crap about Piper and Alex (barfff).  I’d even like to know more about some of the CO’s, like CO Bell and CO O’Neill!  I also found Alex’s whining and Piper’s incessant need to have power over everyone around her to be annoying for people who would rather hear more about other women, especially the women of color inside the prison rather than the struggle of the rich white girls.

Spoiler Alerts Ahead: I find the way the show portrays the people who run the prison as a corporation rather than a facility to house inmates to be hard to handle.  I know that it is exactly the way prisons are run in our country but seeing it is hard to handle.  There is really no justice for these women.  Not being able to tell someone who is protecting you that you have been raped or beaten is heartbreaking!  I find that the people running the prison from the CEO standpoint could care less about human rights for people in a prison while the people who do care about the inmates are being given less than a fair wage and have lost all their benefits.

Something that I really did love was the end when all the girls were in the lake.  It felt like they all deserved to be happy in that moment.  I loved that Cindy was able to become fully Jewish and the look of pure joy on her face as she submerged under the water.  I loved that Soso was able to finally be in a group of people who wanted her around and accepted her.  I really loved the small connect between Daya and Anita (even though I hate their relationship altogether and think Anita is a terrible mother.)  That lake scene made it as though the women in Litchfield were finally able to be human again.  I also realllllly loved how Big Boo and Doggett bonded and created a relationship even with all their differences.  Seeing Big Boo’s past was enlightening and helped show just how hard she worked to be the woman she is today. Spoilers over

Even though watching this season of OitNB no way broke my record for marathoning a TV show I watched it pretty quickly. I have powered through many more shows much faster than this though. I watch all 10 seasons of FRIENDS in under 3 months . I watched Grace& Frankie in 2 days. And I am not ashamed to admit, rather I am kinda proud, that watched the entire first season of Game of Thrones in one sitting (that was a re-watch of the season not my first time watching it, then I had to struggle through watching one episode a week….UGH)

So since I have finished OitNB I have a couple of options for things to watch next.  I have both Netflix and HBOgo so I do have a lot of options but for now I am looking into watching season 5 of Game of Thrones, Daredevil, Madmen, or season 3 of Vikings. I am always open to suggestions, so if you have a must watch TV show that you can not contain your love for please let me know! I would love some more shows to watch to fill my free and not so free time!