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June 2015

The Moodie Foodie//Dlux Madison

Dlux has to be one of my all time favorite places to eat in Madison. This modern burger joint is part of the Food Fight Restaurant Group, a collective of restaurants in the city that offer amazing food at great prices and wonderful locations. With a... Continue Reading →


The First Step Is To Admit The Problem, Right??

Well Here goes: I Am A Marathoner And I AM PROUD!  There I said it, and I can not take it back now! In all honestly I have always loved watching TV or going to the movies.  My fondest memories are... Continue Reading →

A Life With Minimal Human Contact

I have always been an introverted person. I only have a handful of friends and would rather spend my time hanging out with 2 people and a dog for 24 straight hours than 2 minutes with 24 people I know.... Continue Reading →

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Me and My Fat Ass

Hello World!  My name is Carrie and I live in Madison, Wisconsin.  I am a recent college graduate who is on a journey to find out what the next step of my life is. My plan the last couple years... Continue Reading →

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