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Making Homemade Dumplings

When I order Chinese take out, I always get gyoza/dumplings! They are crispy, chewy, and so freaking good! When I couldn't get take out I would scour the frozen isles of my grocery store looking for affordable options of dumplings.... Continue Reading →

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A Life With Minimal Human Contact

I have always been an introverted person. I only have a handful of friends and would rather spend my time hanging out with 2 people and a dog for 24 straight hours than 2 minutes with 24 people I know.... Continue Reading →

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The Polyamorous Witch: Part 1

Today I am going to share something about myself that would have me burned at the stakes or stoned to death if I was in another country or even another decade. I am a witch and I am polyamorous. The... Continue Reading →

What’s Going On!?

Hello again world! I've been gone for 2 months and a few things have happened. I've joined a gym, got a new tattoo, am trying to work on my health and wellness more, and have made numerous new recipes!!  I... Continue Reading →

BBQ Chicken and Caramelized onion Calzones – UPDATED!

I made these calzones a while ago but I thought they were unique and delicious and worth a try if you have these ingredients in the house! I don't have a real recipe for these so I will give you... Continue Reading →

Customer Types in Kitchen Retail

This post is about the many different types of customers you get while working in retail at a kitchen store. Now not every customer I and other deal with day to day are terrible but the ones that are take... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Brady’s Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

My best friend's mom makes the best desserts! Growing up together I loved going over to the Brady's because her mom baked all the time and they always had the best pantry. You could make all the things and snack... Continue Reading →

How I am Breaking a Habit? Poison!

I have been a nail biter for most of my life. I don't know how it started or even why I do it most of the time I just do And it sucks! A couple of years ago I was... Continue Reading →

Homemade Chicken Stock

Last week, for the first time ever, I made chicken stock from scratch. It was Extremely easy and the ingredients were already purchased for other meals that week. First I saved all the veggie scraps I could in a gallon... Continue Reading →

Items of the Week: #1

I know I am more than 1 week into January however I haven't been able to find the time to take a picture of all the things I have put into my donation/ get rid of bin. So far I... Continue Reading →

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